Segmentation Fault with WRF

Segmentation Fault with WRF

I have compiled WRF v3.5 in (dm+sm) par mode with all necessary libraries for Intel MIC.

I am getting the error "APPLICATION TERMINATED WITH THE EXIT STRING: Segmentation fault (signal 11)" when executed with mpirun as "mpirun -host localhost-mic0 -n 1 ./wrf.exe"

but when run the executable (./wrf.exe) by logging into the card, the executable runs without any problem provided ulimit is set to unlimited.

So, I tried changing the environment variable KMP_STACKSIZE on the host, to different values and i still have the same seg fault issue.

can anyone help me in this regard.

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You could make KMP_STACKSIZE effective for each process started on MIC from host by setting a -env option.  Apparently, you need a ulimit setting on MIC, which I've seen done only by putting it in a script which mpirun starts on MIC which in turn runs the application.

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