status clause don't work

status clause don't work

Hi there, 

I try to use status clause, but I even can't compile example from by name "NEW in Intel(R) Composer XE 2013 SP1: Example of Error Condition Checking with status ". I get message

tbo_sort.c(142): error: identifier "_Offload_status" is undefined
_Offload_status x;

tbo_sort.c(147): error: argument to the "status" clause must be a variable of type "_Offload_status"
#pragma offload target(mic) status(x) in(p[0:elements])

tbo_sort.c(155): error: identifier "OFFLOAD_SUCCESS" is undefined
if (x.result == OFFLOAD_SUCCESS) {

tbo_sort.c(159): error: identifier "OFFLOAD_OUT_OF_MEMORY" is undefined
if (x.result == OFFLOAD_OUT_OF_MEMORY) {

I used Intel Composer 13.3.163. Is this ability supported?


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The support is not present in the 13.x compiler (from the Composer XE 2013 release) that you used. It appears in the Composer XE 2013 SP1 release (w/14.x compiler) only now in Beta test and due to release later this year.

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