boost 1.49 error on MIC

boost 1.49 error on MIC

I'm trying to port a ray tracing application to run natively on a Xeon Phi, but i'm having problems with boost (the application originally uses Boost Thread to setup the main worker threads, and OpenMP for the parallel tasks)

I'm using boost 1.49, which i compiled for the MIC following this guide: 

But when compiling my application, i get the following error:

/usr/include/boost/exception_ptr.hpp(41): warning #811: exception specification for implicitly declared virtual function "boost::exception_ptr::~exception_ptr" is incompatible with that of overridden function "boost::exception_detail::exception_ptr_base::~exception_ptr_base"

include/atomic.h(42): error: name followed by "::" must be a class or namespace name
} while (boost::interprocess::ipcdetail::atomic_cas32(

compilation aborted for src/renderEngine.cpp (code 2)
make: *** [build/renderEngine.o] Error 2


Is there any incompatibility between boost thread and the MIC, or is this error being caused by some other issue?


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The reference to the guide you used was not captured in your post. Can you try adding that again?
Can you provide details on the compiler (icpc -V?) and command-line used for the file producing this error?

If you can provide a small reproducer that would really help.

I will inquire with our C++ experts. This may relate to the gcc 4.7 headers used in the native (-mmic) compilation.

(modified): I did also find this write-up on the diagnostic.

Development thought this could be related to the gcc 4.7 headers used for the native compilation and not specific to OpenMP or MIC.

Their advice was:

1. Try the compilation on the host without any MIC or OpenMP but with the same (4.7) version of gcc headers
2. We could investigate further if you can provide a preprocessed (.i) file. Just add -P to your -mmic compilation


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