where should I put the library required by sink?

where should I put the library required by sink?


    After I run a sink program, I got the following error message:

    The remote process indicated that the following libraries could not be loaded: libiomp5.so

     I guess I should upload libiomp5.so to the mic. But where I should put this library? or how could I make this library uploaded automatically.

     Thanks a lot!

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Perhaps place it into /lib64 on the target.

To have it upload automatically when booting the target, refer to section 6.3 Adding Files to the Root File System in the  MPSS_Boot_Config_Guide.pdf (from Intel® Manycore Platform Software Stack (MPSS).

I am assuming when you say "run a sink program"  you are referring to running a native program on Xeon Phi

You can upload the file anywhere but make sure you add the path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH on the card when you run the program.


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