How to become root on mic0?

How to become root on mic0?


our Phi is installed in a remote cluster node and I have to connect to it via ssh. Since our cluster was hacked using the root account few month ago it is now configured in the way, that one cannot directly do a connect with ssh root@CLUSTERNODE, but we have to use our useraccount with sudo rights. So I'm able to switch to root account with "sudo su" and typing my password.

I changed the root password temporarly to one I know (it is overwritten every hour and set back to the default which nobody of us knows). Then I stopped the MPSS service, create a new RSA-pair for root, did a micctrl --initdefaults and restarted the MPSS. But if I try to scp oder ssh with the root account I always get "Permission denied".

What do I have to do for accessing the Phi as root?

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I'm not sure whether this helps with the permission denied error. When RSA keys are not synced between the card and host one typically sees ssh to the card (under the root account) prompt for the root password.

Try stopping MPSS, issue micctrl --resetconfig (instead of micctrl --initdefaults) and then start MPSS. There's no need to re-gen the RSA pair before the --resetconfig unless you do not want to use the latest pair you just created.

After issuing --resetconfig you can also verify whether the RSA pair in root's home .ssh subdirectory match those under /opt/intel/mic/filesystem/mic0/root/.ssh

It is my understanding  --initdefaults creates the filesystem configuration if not present but it does not update contents you may have changed on the host when it is already present where --resetconfig updates existing configurations/files.

Hi Kevin,

Thank you VERY much. That solves the problem and I finally got the difference between initdefaults and resetconfig.

Thanks again!


Glad that helped Michael.

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