SMC Boot Loader Version : 1.2.3257

SMC Boot Loader Version : 1.2.3257

I'm asking for an older SMC bootloader version, 1.2.3257, can Intel or anyone who have the older firmware pass me the file? Thanks in advance.

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What version are you running now? It will make a difference in what you need.

I'm using the 6720-15 driver version.

I failed flashing my 3100p, i've tried several times using command "mpssflash --device all --smcbootloader update", but everytime it returns

mic0: SMC update started

mpssflash: mic0: Flash operation timed out

mic0: Resetting

However, I can run programs on the card properly, despite micinfo and micsmc failed to retreive information from the card.


Frances Roth (Intel) wrote:

What version are you running now? It will make a difference in what you need.


Try to get info using command "micflash -getversion -device all" in ready state. It works for me while micinfo can't get firmware version of ours 5110P cards.

Try the following methon which I used to resolve similar problem.

1. Disable mpss service "chkconfig mpss off" and reboot the host system.
2. Power off the host system and unplug AC cables on time about 10 seconds.
3. Power on the host system and make the second stage of the firmware updating

/opt/intel/mic/bin/micflash -update -smcbootloader -device all

For additional information on dealing with very old version of flash and smc, see In the general case, the solution given by Vitaly should be successful.

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