Couldn'nt update micflash

Couldn'nt update micflash

I update the mic flash, but it failed.

Any help will be appreciated.

[root@supermicro mpss_gold_update_3]# /opt/intel/mic/bin/micflash -update /opt/intel/mic/flash/EXT_HP2_SMC_Bootloader_1_8_4326.css_ab -device 0 -noreboot
mic0: Flash image: /opt/intel/mic/flash/EXT_HP2_SMC_Bootloader_1_8_4326.css_ab
mic0: SMC update started
micflash: mic0: Flash operation timed out
mic0: Resetting
[root@supermicro mpss_gold_update_3]#

The following is micinfo:

[root@supermicro mpss_gold_update_3]# /opt/intel/mic/bin/micinfo
MicInfo Utility Log

Created Mon Aug 19 16:04:31 2013

        System Info
                HOST OS                 : Linux
                OS Version              : 2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64
                Driver Version          : 6720-16
                MPSS Version            : 2.1.6720-16
                Host Physical Memory    : 65945 MB

Device No: 0, Device Name: mic0

                Flash Version            : NotAvailable
                SMC Firmware Version     : NotAvailable
                SMC Boot Loader Version  : NotAvailable
                uOS Version              : NotAvailable
                Device Serial Number     : NotAvailable

                Vendor ID                : 0x8086
                Device ID                : 0x2250
                Subsystem ID             : 0x2500
                Coprocessor Stepping ID  : 3
                PCIe Width               : x16
                PCIe Speed               : 5 GT/s
                PCIe Max payload size    : 256 bytes
                PCIe Max read req size   : 512 bytes
                Coprocessor Model        : 0x01
                Coprocessor Model Ext    : 0x00
                Coprocessor Type         : 0x00
                Coprocessor Family       : 0x0b
                Coprocessor Family Ext   : 0x00
                Coprocessor Stepping     : B1
                Board SKU                : NotAvailable
                ECC Mode                 : NotAvailable
                SMC HW Revision          : NotAvailable

                Total No of Active Cores : NotAvailable
                Voltage                  : NotAvailable
                Frequency                : NotAvailable

                Fan Speed Control        : NotAvailable
                Fan RPM                  : NotAvailable
                Fan PWM                  : NotAvailable
                Die Temp                 : NotAvailable

                GDDR Vendor              : NotAvailable
                GDDR Version             : NotAvailable
                GDDR Density             : NotAvailable
                GDDR Size                : NotAvailable
                GDDR Technology          : NotAvailable
                GDDR Speed               : NotAvailable
                GDDR Frequency           : NotAvailable
                GDDR Voltage             : NotAvailable

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Maybe the result of "miccheck" is also needed? "miccheck" can tell you what the flash version you are currently using.

Try this method

It has helped me for 3 times to update 3 cards 5110P.

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