Preliminary announcement: Intel(R) MPSS Transition to Yocto

Preliminary announcement: Intel(R) MPSS Transition to Yocto

Intel is moving to Yocto for its future  distribution of the ManyCore Platform Software Stack (Intel(R) MPSS).  A production version of this distribution will be available in the fall (estimated ~late September).  

This is a preliminary announcement / notice to all of our customers so that you are aware of the changes, which affect installation, administrative tasks, and possibly your applications.

The key reasons for Intel's move to Yocto  are the following

  1.  It improves Intel's ability to provide enhancements and bug fixes to the Intel(R) MPSS
  2.  Yocto’s key feature is the ability to deliver a complete package, from which you will be able to install the software required to EXACTLY reproduce the Intel® MPSS build system with the exact same output that Intel generates internally, thus meeting the obligation of the GPL, under which much of Intel® MPSS is released
  3. By moving to Yocto, you will have the ability to make modifications to the Intel® MPSS to suit your needs
  4. Yocto is built and maintained with the awareness of the location of all of the known community maintained projects, libraries, and critical components. It has the ability to pull all of these projects into Intel’s local build servers automatically, and provide customers with the latest versions of these components. 

 THIS FAQ contains a list of questions and answers to help you understand the transition.   We also encourage you to look at the Appendices accompanying the FAQ, as they have specific information about what is changing.  

If you have follow-up questions on this topic, we invite you to submit them to our Community Forum 

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Any time estimate when the new MPSS package will be available? I'm debating if I should download the latest mpss_gold_update_3-2.1.6720-19, or wait if you plan to release a new MPSS package in the nearest future.

There is no official date for the Linux version of the Yocto release but personally I would wait (and expect not to wait more than a week or two.)

The first Yocto release, for Microsoft* Windows, is now available.

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