Nubb Questions

Nubb Questions

I am eager to install and start coding intel fortran under windows on my new xeon phi card.

Givens:  I have an Asus P9X79 WS motherboard with up to date bios running a E5-2687W.

            I am running windows 7 professional.

            I have visual studio 2012 professional.

            I have the Intel composer 2013 sp1.

All the above is supposed to be compatible with the xeon phi.

I've downloaded and read all the material related to the beta, but after reading how it was possible to brick the card if installed improperly I would wait until the compiler was at least an initial release on windows. Well that day has come, so what are the exact steps to install and use the xeon phi?

Is it as easy as sliding the card into a 16xpci slot and plugging in the power, or are their various drivers and configuration utilities that I need to run?


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In installing the card, the first piece of software you need is the Intel MPSS (Manycore Platform Software Stack). The version for Windows is still in prerelease although the official release is coming very soon. I don't think an official date has been made public but I know the plans are for very, very soon.

When people talk about "bricking" their cards, they are not talking about anything the compiler can do but about what can happen if you apply the wrong flash update file from the MPSS. If you follow the directions from the readme that comes with the MPSS, you should not have a problem. There are occassional hiccups (as you noticed from some of the other forum posts) but actually "bricking" the card is rare. 

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