Online documentation corrections

Online documentation corrections

I wasnt sure if theres someone I should contact directly for these or if posting them here is fine, but theres a few minor corrections to the online Intel® C++ Compiler XE 13.1 User and Reference Guides 

The masked version of the packstorelo intrinsic syntax has the incorrect function name - its missing the _mask_ part:

Same issue for this one:

The non masked version of this intrinsic has _mask_ in the mask name:

The function name is scatter rather than gather in this one:

Is there somewhere better to post these or shall I just add more here if I come across them?

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Posting these issues in the forum is just fine. Thank you for finding and notifying us about these. I confirmed these still exist in the (14.0) documentation provided with our latest Composer XE 2013 SP1 release and reported these to our Documentation team (see internal tracking id below) and will update this post once these are corrected.

Feel free to add any others you may find.

(Internal Tracking id: DPD200248679)

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