Building the newest Ganglia gmond on Xeon Phi

Building the newest Ganglia gmond on Xeon Phi


Is it possible to build the newest version of Ganglia for monitoring on Xeon Phi?
The reason is we use Ganglia Job Monarch addon on our cluster which requires gmetad v3.4.x
and Ganglia web-2 frontend v3.5.x, so, we have to use also gmond v3.4.x.
I'm trying to build it by modifying the source ganglia rpm package (intel-mic-ganglia-2.1.6720-16.el6.src.rpm) from MPSS.
All required packages have been successfully built, but gmod does not start because of error APR library.
So, I think the major problem is making of working APR library for Xeon Phi architecture.

Here are the debug messages when I tryed to start gmond on Xeon Phi

# /sbin/gmond -V
gmond 3.5.0
# /sbin/gmond -d 2
loaded module: core_metrics
loaded module: cpu_module
loaded module: disk_module
loaded module: load_module
loaded module: mem_module
loaded module: net_module
loaded module: proc_module
loaded module: sys_module
loaded module: mic_module
[mod_mic]Received following params list: 
apr_pollset_create failed: This function has not been implemented on this platform

The modified source rpm package and log of package build are in attachment.

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Hi Vitaly,

Let me investigate this and will get back to you. Thanks.

Hi Vitaly,

For MPSS 2.1, only GANGLIA* 3.1.7 is supported. Please refer to the readme.txt document, Section 4. I already submitted a request for supporting v3.4.x (the internal reference number is 6000030816).

Thank you.

I have added the directions for building a later version of Ganglia on the coprocessor here. There are no plans for the immediate future to update the Ganglia that comes with the MPSS. Doesn't mean it won't happen - just not right now.

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