Intel Compiler Error for MIC specific code

Intel Compiler Error for MIC specific code


I have a problem running/compiling my application to run on Intel Phi.
After I clean my solution and rebuild, I get errors such as below:
Error 25 error : *MIC* cannot open source file "Windows.h" C:\OpenMP_M41\shrd_sampleCPP\OpenMP_M41_IntensityCalculator\FileUtils.h 6

However, if I build again, program compiles successfully. However, the program fails to run on Intel Phi, complaining that there's no entry to the device.

offload error: cannot find offload entry __offload_entry_OpenMP_M41_IntensityCal
offload error: process on the device 0 unexpectedly exited with code 1

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Hi Victor,

Did you run a native application on the coprocessor or you run an application on host that offloads to coprocessor(s)? It would be useful if you can share your code. Thank you.

You cannot use Windows specific headers/libs within offload code which it appears may the cause of the initial Error 25. There's a brief discussion in the C++ User's guide here.

I do not know why the build succeeds a second time. I will see whether I can reproduce that.

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