Cluster configuration with Intel Xeon Phi

Cluster configuration with Intel Xeon Phi

Hi all

We have been using Intel Xeon Phi to run MPI applications in symmetric mode (phi card + processor host).

As we have two hosts with a Xeon phi card each, we want to create a cluster to execute MPI applications using both cards and both hosts:

mlxm1 mlxm1-mic0
mlxm2 mlxm2-mic0

The problem with our configuration is that mlxm1 has not connectivity with mlxm2-mic0 and mlxm2 has not connectivity with mlxm1-mic0. Therefore, we can not execute a MPI application using phi cards + processor hosts.

We suppose that changing the IP address of both MIC (to and 192.168.0.yyy) it will be possible achieve our goal. How can we change the IP address of both cards? It will be enough change the IP address to execute MPI programs using all the compute elements of the cluster?

Thank you very much.
Best regards.

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