micctrl --resetconfig on systems with many users

micctrl --resetconfig on systems with many users


I find that micctrl --resetconfig takes a long time on our system (>15 minutes). I suspect the reason is that we have thousands of user accounts in our cluster environment and the command spends time configuring each one. After the command is run, the /etc/passwd file for the mic card is populated with every user and we must remove them all so that they can be added manually on demand by the prologue script of our batch system. I cannot find any mention in the documentation of a way to prevent this command from configuring the mic cards for our entire list of users.

My question is, what alternatives are there to micctrl --resetconfig for quickly pushing a small change to the configuration (for example, when changing the hostname as in this forum topic: http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/topic/401009)? Is there a way to manually change the configuration without using this command? Or are there additional options for this command that will give me more control over what changes will be made?

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Try "micctrl --configuser=none". This should change the MPSS configuration so that only root and micuser are created by default on the coprocessors.

Thank you for your answer Frances.

"micctrl --configuser=none" output this message: "Change user authentication method from Local to None". Then, I used "micctrl --resetconfig" and it took only a few seconds and did not add our user list to the configuration. This will be much more useful for making small changes to the configuration without waiting for user operations that we will later undo.

Thanks again,


You're welcome. I'm glad it had the effect you wanted.

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