Pinning and unpinning of memory during offload_transfer

Pinning and unpinning of memory during offload_transfer

I am assuming that DMA is used transfer data into and out of mic devices if the transfer is asynchronous. If that is correct, the memory needs to be pinned before the transfer. What protocol is used for pinning and unpinning memory?

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Presumably any pinning would be a requirement of the driver, as well as any translation from Virtual Memory addresses to Physical Memory addresses, and as well as handling paging if necessary. This should not be the responsibility of the application programmer.

Jim Dempsey

I suspect that the SCIF library (or something very similar at the driver level) is used for these transfers, so looking at the SCIF documentation could give you some idea about the way it works. But I don't think that it could be in any way used in your code to interact with the transfers that the offload directives do.

Development concurred with the earlier replies.

Thanks for the replies, especially the reference to the SCIF documentation

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