Screen resolution ( 1366x768 ) stretch in Windows XP service pack 3

Screen resolution ( 1366x768 ) stretch in Windows XP service pack 3


I am using Intel D101GGC Mother board with 1 GB RAM and Windows XP Service pack 3.

I replaced my CRT monitor to Samsung 18.5 inch LED - LS19B150BS-XL Monitor, I am facing the screen stretched when i changed the resolution to 1366 x 768. 

If i changed to 1280 x720, i faced flickering issue

Please suggest me how can avoid  this issue, I need to upgrade my mother board or my Operating system 

Please guide me..

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This doesn't appear to be topical on this forum, nor on any of these Intel software forums.  You should go somewhere more topical and explain what results you got with the documented web site

Normally, a Samsung monitor would come with a CD of Windows drivers, and more such would be available on line from Samsung.

I'd be surprised if you didn't have many other choices available, once you install from the Samsung CD.  My Samsung monitor works well with the 2nd highest resolution on the Windows menu.

Try to reinstall/upgrade video drivers?Another option could be uninstalling display driver and use Windows bootvid driver.

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