Download an old version of MPSS (Phi coprocessor)

Download an old version of MPSS (Phi coprocessor)


I'm looking for an old version of MPSS (KNC_gold_update_1-2.1.4982-15-suse-11.2). The link that I found on may webpage: are broken. Where can I download this version of MPSS?


Thank you

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Hi Vincent,

Where did you find the link?  I need to verify, but it is certainly possible we are no longer offering that version for download.  If you log in at the Intel® Registration Center ( you can see a list of products available for download based on your licenses.

James Tullos
Technical Consulting Engineer
Intel® Cluster Tools

Hi James,

I found the link on that website: step 4.

I would install MPSS on Ubuntu. If you a solution to install the new version of MPSS (2.1 or 3.1) on Ubuntu, just let me know.

I will ask my teacher to look his account if he can download this version of MPSS.

Thank you.

Hi Vincent,

Unfortunately, we do not support using MPSS on Ubuntu* at this time.  I will move this thread to the appropriate forum (Intel® Many Integrated Core Architecture) and you might be able to get assistance there.


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