Phi Boot Hangs in Windows 7 Pro

Phi Boot Hangs in Windows 7 Pro

I have been working to get a 3000 series running under windows pro x64 and i think that i am very close but still have an issue that i cant get past. I was able to flash the card with mpss 3.1.2 installed. I was able to get this card running under redhat 6.5 but not windows

Micinfo is reporting correctly:

MicInfo Utility Log

Created Fri Jan 31 16:43:02 2014

    System Info
        HOST OS            : Windows
        OS Version        : Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise
        Driver Version        :
        MPSS Version        :
        Host Physical Memory    : 65477 MB

Device No: 0, Device Name: mic0

        Flash Version          :
        SMC Firmware Version     : 1.16.5078
        SMC Boot Loader Version     : 1.8.4326
        uOS Version          :
        Device Serial Number      : ADKC32400041

        Vendor ID          : 0x8086
        Device ID          : 0x225d
        Subsystem ID          : 0x3608
        Coprocessor Stepping ID     : 2
        PCIe Width          : x16
        PCIe Speed          : 5 GT/s
        PCIe Max payload size     : 256 bytes
        PCIe Max read req size     : 512 bytes
        Coprocessor Model     : 0x01
        Coprocessor Model Ext     : 0x00
        Coprocessor Type     : 0x00
        Coprocessor Family     : 0x0b
        Coprocessor Family Ext     : 0x00
        Coprocessor Stepping      : C0
        Board SKU          : C0 QS-3120 P/A
        ECC Mode          : Enabled
        SMC HW Revision      : Product 300W Active CS

Log File

<4>[   12.701854] i2c_rd_byte: entry, stop 0
<4>[   12.701861] i2c_wait_rx_full: entry, stop 0
<4>[   12.701868] i2c_wait_rx_full: IRF, temp 85, counter 93
<4>[   12.701876] check_rx_isr: entry, isr 85, stop 0
<4>[   12.701884] check_rx_isr: done, rtn 0
<4>[   12.701891] i2c_wait_rx_full: done, counter 93, err 0
<4>[   12.701899] i2c_rd_byte: done, data 47
<7>[   18.090369] mic0: no IPv6 routers present

I have the rest of the log file if that helps.

Has anyone gotten this to work?

Listed is windows enterprise will this work under pro?

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Hi Eric,

1. The output from micinfo is not complete, I don't see information about Cores, Thermal, and GDDR. Would you like to list  the output again please?

2. I believe MPSS should work with Windows 7 Pro (64-bit). Do you say your OS is Windows 7 Pro? How micinfo detects it as Windows 7 Enterprise?

3. Did you try to restart your system to see what happens? Also, did you install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 or higher?

Thank you.

Not sure thats what it says but im running Pro.

Restarted and re-installed several times does not help. This machine has .net 4.5 on it.

The rest of the info file

    Total No of Active Cores : 57
    Voltage          : 1043000 uV
    Frequency         : 1100000 kHz
    Fan Speed Control      : On
    Fan RPM          : 2700
    Fan PWM          : 50
    Die Temp         : 46 C
    GDDR Vendor         : Elpida
    GDDR Version         : 0x1
    GDDR Density         : 2048 Mb
    GDDR Size         : 5952 MB
    GDDR Technology         : GDDR5
    GDDR Speed         : 5.000000 GT/s
    GDDR Frequency         : 2500000 kHz
    GDDR Voltage         : 1501000 uV


Hi Eric,

The output from micinfo looks fine. Do you follow the instructions in section 2.2.2 "Install the Driver" the readme-windows file? And in what step do you fail (what the error message says)?

Installing from 2.2.2 went fine no error.

When the machine reboot the phi is hanging in the boot process and eventually times out and fails. micctrl -s reports

mic0: booting (mode: linux image: C:\Program Files\Intel\MPSS\filesystem\bzImage-knightscorner.bin)

So i have run micctrl -rw

then the card is ready

then i run micctrl --start 

runs for awhile and fails. The log file after the fail is posted in the original post. The last message that i get is about IPv6

after failure micctrl -l mic0 is where i got the log file.

Copyright 2013 Intel Corporation All Rights Reserved

Executing default tests for host
  Test 0: Check number of devices the OS sees in the system ... pass
  Test 1: Check mic driver is loaded ... pass
  Test 2: Check number of devices driver sees in the system ... pass
Executing default tests for device: 0
  Test 3 (mic0): Check device is in online state and its postcode is FF ... fail
    device is not online, current state is 1

Status: FAIL

I haven't seen this problem with Windows Server 2008/2012 but let me try with Windows 7 Pro. I will get back to you soon. Thanks.

Hi Eric,

I installed a fresh Windows 7 Professional SP1 (x64) and then MPSS 3.1.3 on it. I don't see any problem.

First, I followed the installation procedure in Section 2.2.2 in readme-windows document. After the system is restarted, one of the coprocessor is booting forever. Then, I have to reset the coprocessors:

% micctrl -r

% micctrl -w

and repeat the installation procedure again. After the system is restarted again, all the coprocessors are back online successfully. I can monitor the coprocessors with the utility micsmc.

I have .NET Framework 4.5.1 installed on the system. Both coprocessors are B0 stepping. 


Ok on the downloads page i only see 3.1.2 for windows is this a typo or how do i get to 3.1.3 

thanks in advance?

Sorry for the typo, I meant MPSS 3.1.2 .

No change: Ill try a fresh windows install and see how it goes. Only change is that the phi comes up ready instead of booting on restart.

Log file still ends at no ipv6 routers.

So i had to take the computer down to a clean install and driver update for some reason but it is now up and running.

NOTE: In 2.2.1 the command bcdedit /deletevalue loadoptions returns -> element not found

i then entered the: bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF -> sucessfull

So i can confirm that this motherboard and windows 7 and rethat work with the phi

In addition i am using an Intel I7 3930K Sandy Bridge

I will start reinstalling Visual Studio and .net and post back if there are any issues

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