Typo doc

Typo doc

Hello Intel,

There is big typo into the doc (online)




_mm512_cvt_roundpd_epi32lo this function does not exist, it is _mm512_cvtfxpnt_roundpd_epi32lo

Best regard's



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Thank you for notifying us about this. Let me check with our Intrinsic Developers about this.

I have also found some mistakes:

in the intrinsics guide:



the instruction _mm512_alignr_epi32 is not listed under "KNC". It is only listed under AVX-512, but KNC supports the alignr instruction.


The same for:








also all cast instructions like _mm512_castpd_ps are not listed under "KNC".


I guess that there a lot more mistakes, but these are the ones I remember.

@Timocafe - I confirmed your findings and found an additional mistake on this page and reported both to our Documentation team (see Internal tracking id below) to be corrected in a future release.


@Patrick S - Thank you for the noted mistakes. I reported those findings with the Intrinsic Guide at the “Questions? Issues?” link here which I found under the “?” appearing to the right of the search bar on the Intrinsic Guide page.

(Internal tracking id: DPD200253971)

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