SCIF user-mode documentation?

SCIF user-mode documentation?

Does anyone have a line on the SCIF user-mode documentation referred to in table 1-2 of the "Intel Xeon Phi System Software Developer's Guide" (SKU# 328207-002EN June, 2013)?  Supposedly there's a document titled "Intel® MIC SCIF API Reference Manual for User Mode Linux*" but I've been unable to locate it anywhere.

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There is a Intel SCIF user guide that is distributed with the MPSS. You can find it at :

I noticed that even the user guide mentions a SCIF API Reference Manual for User Mode Linux. I haven't been able to locate this file yet. I'll look some more and get back to you with a definitive answer.


Hi Craig,

I asked around and found that the SCIF API Reference manual is no longer distributed with the MPSS. However, the reference manual was generated using /usr/include/scif.h. You should be able to find descriptions of the APIs in the scif.h file. 

I hope this helps. 

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