HPL benchmark on MIC

HPL benchmark on MIC

Is there any procedure or guide for Running HPL benchmark on MIC cards? I've a system with two MIC cards.The Host system has 128GB memory. How I should set the problem size, PxQ values?

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a version of Linpack is available with the Intel(R) MPSS -- if you look at the MPSS Users guide, section 4 (installing optional workloads), there is some detail about what you need to do; you basically end up installing the micperf* packages that come with the MPSS; once installed, there should be a README.txt  in /usr/src/micperf/micp that might have what you're looking for



Belinda Liviero

Our MIC system is installed with MPSS-2.1 & RHEL-6.4. There is no UserGuide in any of the folders. I referred MPSS-3.1 UserGuide. But no much info about hpl.

In the Intel linpack-11.1.1 benhcmark, it is mentioned to use Hybrid offload method to run on MIC. I used, xhpl_offload_intel64 binary from bin_intel64/intel64. But its failed with following error:

glibc detected *** ./xhpl_offload_intel64: munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer:


In this cluster Intel composerxe-2013 and Intel MPI- packages are installed. Is there any compatibility issue here?

I just ran HPL xhpl_offload_intel64 from mkl/benchmarks/mp_linpack/bin_intel on a system with that same configuration without errors.


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