icpc 14.0.1 error 10014

icpc 14.0.1 error 10014

I am having problem with 2013_sp1.  The code that compiles fine with last version suddenly fails to build with the following error message:

": internal error: ** segmentation violation signal raised **

Access violation or stack overflow.  Please contact Support.

icpc: error #10014: problem during multi-file optimization compilation (code 4)

Again, the code compiles fine with the last, pre-sp1 icpc. This happens only on MIC. The same code (other than MIC specific optimizations)  compiles fine on x86. 

Can anyone help or give me hints in tracking down/workaround this issue?



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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

By the way,  the code is native mode application.


Do you have some test code for us to look at?



We would like to avoid giving out our source code, if possible.

However,  we are finding out some more information that may shed more light on this.

1. we are able to compile the code by using -no-ipo.

2. If we remove -lpthread, the segmentation error does not happen -- and although the code is compiled with warning (not able to resolve pthread symbols), the code still runs correctly due to dynamic links.

3. the build failure happens at the last stage -- linking all the objects together with the libs



Look like this issue is fixed in sp1 update 2.


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