Intel Intrinsic support for Atom

Intel Intrinsic support for Atom

Hi Everyone,

I have an application which was designed for inteli 7 using SSE to AVX, now I want the same application to run on Atom Processors.

I was recently browsing net for intrinsic support for Atom cloverview processors. Every where it mentions it support upto SSE3.

But that means it support just upto SSE3 or Supplemantry SSE3 is included in SSE3.

In Intel Atom architecture manual it says that all Atom processors Support Single-instruction multiple-data extensions up to SSE3 and SSSE3. 

Can somebody give me some clarity on the above, as I developing an application and I am not surte weather to include SSSE3 in my application.

If Intel Atom support SSSE3, that ease a lot of my pain



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Use this command at shell
gcc -c -Q -maerch=native  --help=target to show default
Use also
gcc -c -Q -maerch=native (add flags  avx,sse etc ...   here)  --help=target
he must show if option it could be enable.
use also
cat /proc/cpuinfo
I see here one  Atom n570 more old have ssse3.

I don't understand in your question if you plan to serve unique binary common.

Currently it's not possible to improve multiple specificity contextualized  in one binary common
relative to several model processors.
Maybe,You can use  LLVM (CLANG compiler)  if you have time to lose...
In the last GNU compiler you have option (Function Multiversioning Support with G++) but it's only for
one source common.

Look documentation Gnu compiler 4.8.x.
(It is now possible to create multiple function versions each targeting a specific processor and/or ISA.
Function versions have the same signature but different target attributes.
For example, here is a program with function versions:

    __attribute__ ((target ("default")))
    int foo(void)
      return 1;

    __attribute__ ((target ("sse4.2")))
    int foo(void)
      return 2;

    int main (void)
      int (*p) = &foo;
      assert ((*p)() == foo());
      return 0;
I don't know  if this option is  now avaible  on last ICC compile version.

Regards shows all Atom CPUs supporting ssse3.  That's a better place to look for such answers than on a forum such as this which is dedicated to a different group of processor families. 

As I recall, there was an official recommendation to specify ssse3 for Atom, as efforts were being made to remove the incentive for Atom-specific instructions not included in ssse3.


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