Phi Overclocking

Phi Overclocking


we are designing the liquid cooling for Phi Coprocessor and I am thinking of overclocking of it. Normally it has 50 Celsium at maximum. Is there any way to increase it's speed to see the effect and make some survey for speeds and temperatures..



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Hi Yanis,

In the micsmc tool, there is an option allowing you to turn on the turbo mode if your coprocessor supports turbo.

Start the GUI tool micsmc by clicking /usr/bin/micsmc, in the Advanced tab, select Settings, it shows the turbo setting of the cards. You can then turn on/off the turbo mode if the coprocessor supports it. Thanks.

Allready found this feature. My devices does not support it. So there is no other way?

Liquid cooling gives much morу potential..

Keeping low temperature is not sufficient to allow overclocking, there are other factors. Among them is a higher voltage, which in turn requires the voltage headroom to support.  

So there is no other way to overclock Phi except Turbo feature?

So there is no other way to overclock Phi except Turbo feature?

Performance improvements are better attained by increasing the L1 hit ratio, improved vectorization, and thread utilization, than by overclocking. A poorly tuned application might see 10x to 20x improvement on its way to being fully tuned. Overclocking would yield only a fraction of this.

Jim Demspey

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