Using embree on CentOS 6.4

Using embree on CentOS 6.4

 When I running "embree" in CnetOS6.4,there goes error message"  COI_MISSING_DEPENDENCY".
 Is there any other way for me to debug?


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Can you confirm the version of embree you downloaded (and from where)?


There is my config as below.

OS:CENTOS 6.4 X64 、 CENTOS 6.5 X64
Install kit:LLVM 、 Clang 、 ISPC 、 MPSS 3.1.2(only mpss  no OFED….) 、Intel Composer XE 2013_SP1.2.14

embree 2.2 

git clone embree

git clone embree-renderer


There goes error message when I build program. Is it possible to cause the error before?

error message:icpc:warning #10237:-lcilkrts linked in dynamically,static library not available




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try this:

1) Locate the directory where these libraries are in your installation

2) set this environment variable prior to embree execution (COI uses this to find the libraries on the host and copy them to the coprocessor):

     export SINK_LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<path1>:<path2:>

Where <path1> and <path2> are full paths in your given file systems to the directory which holds the necessary libraries for your application.


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