MPSS version confusion 3.1.x vs 2.1/gold_update_3_5...

MPSS version confusion 3.1.x vs 2.1/gold_update_3_5...

Maybe it's just me, but the MPSS versioning seems potentially confusing.  I was recently updating my Compiler/VTUNE stuff from the "registration center" and saw that there's a new MPSS gold_update3_5 that just came out.  Reading through the readme-en.txt I start seeing references to MPSS 2.1.6720-23 and scratching my head.  Looking through my existing 3.1.2 readme it looks like 3.1.2 actually had newer stuff.  So I start poking around. Going through the site I get to the MPSS page which differences the 2.1 vs. 3.1 releases and it looks like what I really want is 3.1.4.  I guess if you pay attention it all makes sense, but I very nearly "updated" from 3.1.2 to gold_update3_5 (i.e. 2.1.6720-23) which probably wouldn't have been pretty. 

Maybe this will save someone else some heartburn?

P.S. Might be nice if there were some forum tag pulldowns for: Software Products= MPSS and/or Technology= MIC and such.

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Hi Craig,

Sorry for the confusion. Let me try to clarify a bit.

There are currently two streams of MPSS for Linux we have to maintain:
- MPSS 2.1 (also referred as Gold Update x)
- MPSS 3.1.x

People who use to stream MPSS 2.1 can download the version mpss_gold_update_3.2.1.6720-21 (Gold Update 3) from  or get the latest version mpss_gold_update_3.2.1.6720-23 (Gold Update 5) from

People who use the stream MPSS 3.1.x can get the latest MPSS 3.1.4 from 

Hope this helps. Thank you.

I'm seeing both the 3.1 family, as well as the "gold updates" (e.g. 2.1 family) in my subscriptions once I select "Intel MPSS for Linux* and then explore the list of available updates/build numbers.   The naming confusion is unfortunate.  Sorry.

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