mm512 random number generator intrinsics?

mm512 random number generator intrinsics?

Hey all,


I have read in the FAQS that MKL has a random number generator included in the vector libraries.

Are there intrinsics for generating vector random numbers? or a small kernels that I could implement. I don't want to use MKL.




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Intel MIC Architecture C++ compiler should contain libirng.a library, which has Intel optimized version of the system rand48() generator family. The same generator is available on the Intel Xeon processors running Linux OS. There is no intrinsic for this generator. Intel MIC is  a many-core architecture which means use of RNGs in parallel mode. Intel MKL RNGs seems the suitable choice for this.

I am curious to know the reason for not wanting to use Intel MKL. 


Ok, I think you are right. I should use MKL!

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