Intel(R) MPSS 3.2 released!

Intel(R) MPSS 3.2 released!

Intel(R) MPSS 3.2 is now available.   See

A summary of the most notable features and changes:

  • Coprocessor user authentication supports LDAP and NIS
  • Support for NFS Automounter and NFSV4
  • Support for the OFED SRP Storage Driver included
  • New COI APIs are introduced. For details, please see COI release_notes.txt in /usr/share/doc/intel-coi-3.2*
  • Crash Manager has been renamed to "Intel® Xeon Phi™ Products Reliability Monitor"
  • mmap support for Windows 8 included
  • The Software for Coprocessor OS (k1om* tarball) is available (although not all packages inside the tarball can be installed due to dependency issues; please check the release notes for a list of RPMs)
  • Performance improvement to file I/O being released for experimentation purposes (**)
  • HwCfg tool has been deprecated, this functionality has been moved to MicConfig
  • micaccessapi SDK which was previously deprecated, has been removed from the 3.2 release

(**) There will be another document that explains all changes in greater detail, which we will share as soon as published (I'll note this thread - feel free subscribe to it if you want to see updates).

These were the Intel(R) Compiler and Intel(R) Vtune Analyzer(tm) versions validated with this release: 

  • Intel Composer XE 2013 SP1 Update 1 and Update 2 
  • Intel(R) VTune(TM) Amplifier XE 2013 Update 16
    • Official Packages:

      • Windows (build #342405)            w_amplxe_pu_2013.16.078
      • Linux (build #342405)                  l_amplxe_pu_2013.16.078

Additionally, an LDAP configuration guide was published - see


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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

You can find a more comprehensive list of the changes in the release notes at


Belinda Liviero

More information about the new features of MPSS 3.2 is available (in greater detail) here:



Belinda Liviero

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