Buyers Remorse

Buyers Remorse

So I can't set up the Xeon Phi in Linux like I need it without it deleting my entire hard drive and I refuse to spend another $3000 just to be able to compile on windows. Now after spending days on the phone with support and getting no help at all I am left with a $2000 piece of crap I can't even use.


Buyer beware!

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can you be a little more specific about what you are trying to do?   I looked at your previous forum posts and it is not clear what challenges you were facing, or what support channels you used to get the help you needed.

Also, give us a little more information about your host system and environment. If this information is proprietary, please start a private dialog with us.

If you can pass the micinfo information to us, that will also be helpful.



Oh, and be careful what subject line you use. "Buyer's Remorse" is often tagged as spam (and as everyone on the internet, the forums get a lot of spam you never see). In this case, I suspect that it was tagged as spam, manually reviewed, identified as legit, and then allowed to post.


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