issue with MPI communication with two MIC cards and xeon processor

issue with MPI communication with two MIC cards and xeon processor


I am running a MPI application (involving 5 ranks) which runs smoothly when all ranks are on Xeon processor but when i put two ranks on MIC0 and MIC1 there is following issue and the program just hangs and gives me segmentation fault.


using (blocking MPI send and non blocking MPI recv)

rank0, rank1 on MIC0,MIC1

rank2,rank3,rank4 on xeon


rank1-->sends 100 packets and reaches finalize() 

rank2-->only receives 60 packets and then hangs

some things i tried:-

I added a sleep(1) before rank1 sends packets and this solved the issue as rank2 could get all the packets

but for large number of packets (>100) adding sleep doesnt solve the issue and the system hangs

any suggestions

thank you  


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Hi Vikrant,

I assume you already configured peer-to-peer before running the program:

# sudo /sbin/sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=1

Also, you may want to try to run rank 0 on host and rank 1, 2 on mic0, mic1 respectively to see if the problem still occurs. What version of compiler and Intel MPI libraries you have?

hi loc-nguyen

the version i am using is for mpiicc

I did try interchanging the ranks but face the same issue, 

No, i had not done the command "sudo /sbin/sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=1",but i could do ssh between the two cards and run simple programs with the same hybrid structure , so thought i had that part covered, 

but even after i implemented the command on host, I get the same error




Hi Vikrant,

Is it possible that you post the source code so I can take a close look at the issue? Thank you.

Hi loc-nguyen  

sorry cannot post the code here, I am currently in Intel Santa Clara and if possible can I meet you if you are in santa clara


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