dell R7610 issue & offload options on windows 7 X64

dell R7610 issue & offload options on windows 7 X64




i have installed xeon phi dev env on windows 7 enterpise X64 on a dell R7610

first (I):

i have installed MPSS3.2.1

sometimes after PC starts  the xeon phi is not seen in the windows device manager

after desintall / reinstall MPSS  => it 's ok the xeon phi is seen


second (II)

i try to make a personal benchmark using  CAO  offload mode.  (FFT with MKL and FFTW3 )

i generate a 64 bits exe  with visual studio and intel c++ 14.0

but in the execution i got an :

"offload error : cannot find offload entry"  during the OFFLOADREPORT trace


when i used visual studio 2012 which call intel C++ 14.0 compiler  threre's some

options offloading in both

- intel specific compilation :   "offload otions"

- intel specific link : "offload options"

i set also "mandatory"

do i need to specify someting in these compilation setting for CAO? or let it blank?



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I gather from your comments the uninstall/re-install of MPSS resolved the issue with coprocessors not being recognized.
The run-time error you noted suggests that a routine was referenced during the offload that was not decorated accordingly to declare it available during offload. To help determine that routine, under the IDE, you can use the Additional Options for MIC Offload Linker option and set the value to: -zdefs
This should provide an indication at link-time of the routine that requires decoration with: __declspec(target (mic))
Using MKL’s CAO feature does not require any specific settings under the offload options you noted.
I do know whether this would be of interest/need. The article Intel® Math Kernel Library (Intel MKL) Compiler Assisted Offload and Automatic Offload example on Intel Xeon Phi contains more information.
If you have not already seen this, there is specific section in the MKL User’s Guide on Compiler Assisted Offload.

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