Is the Window's coi_host.dll buildable?

Is the Window's coi_host.dll buildable?

We have issues with our program which uses offload mode on Windows. We think our issues are possibly related with something with coi_host.dll. We have callstacks that mention coi_host.dll but the callstacks do not seem to correspond to what we are observing with our code.

We are thinking of compiling coi_host.dll ourselves which will allow us complete control over this library. This will allow us to diagnose our issue. We see that can be compiled on the Linux side. Is coi_host.dll on Windows open source and can it be compiled? Or is that library propriety? We have the YOCTO sources for the Linux version of, but they do not seem like the same source for the Windows version.


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Hi Hung,

Unfortunately, the MPSS stack software on Windows host is not available currently. Is there any specific feature for COI that you like to have? Thank you.

Thanks for the reply.

We don't need features currently, our primary reason for wanting to build and compile coi_host.dll on Windows is to diagnose a critical issue for us. What would suffice would be public PDBs. We have exception callstacks but we do not believe they are accurate.

Is the source code for coi_host on Windows and Linux the same with the exception of windows specific calls in place of the linux calls?

Hi Hung,

Let's me ask the coi experts if possible to get the public PDBs and get back to you. Regarding the coi on host, I think Windows implementation is close to Linux implementation, when possible.

Have you tried the utility "coitrace" located at \Program Files\Intel\MPSS\bin ? It may help you to debug your problem.

Regarding the PDB files, they are not available for public now. And according to an expert, they may not necessary useful. However, I will try to see what we can do for you. Regards.

Hi Hung,

For your information, a request for releasing PDBs files has been submitted (its internal ID is 68045). Thank you.

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