[BUG] ipcp 2015 linux -mmic + -rdynamic = segfault

[BUG] ipcp 2015 linux -mmic + -rdynamic = segfault

I am beta testing the new 2015 Intel compiler and associated tools. I am currently undertaking development on the Phi. When the -rdynamic flag is passed to the compiler when -mmic is present, ipcp segfaults. While it is perfectly fine that mic does not support rdynamic linking, a segfault is not the way to go :|.

btw, is this the correct place to give composer 2015 beta feedback?

~ ry

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Thank you for reporting this. I will try the options and submit this to Development and update the internal tracking id below later.

We prefer customers use Intel Premier Support for the beta because that makes it easier for us to track what customers are asking or issues they experience, but if you would rather use the forum then you may.

(Internal tracking id: TBD)

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