Compiling Torque4 with intel-mic support

Compiling Torque4 with intel-mic support


I have a problem with compiling torque with intel-mic support. I get this error :

checking whether to compile with MIC support... yes
checking source/COIPipeline_source.h usability... no
checking source/COIPipeline_source.h presence... no
checking for source/COIPipeline_source.h... no
configure: error: MIC COI LLAPI headers not found

What packages I need to compile it correctly?

In thread:

there is information that package intel-mic-llapi is needed. Is this true?


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I don't know what, if any, additional packages need to be installed to compile Torque with intel-mic support. I do, however, know that the file COIPipeline_source.h should be there even if all you did was the basic MPSS install. The location of that file changed with the MPSS 3.x releases. The file was previously in /opt/intel/mic/coi/include/source/COIPipeline_source.h. It is now in /usr/include/intel-coi/source/COIPipeline_source.h. Could it be the configure script is looking in the wrong place for the version of the MPSS that you have installed?

I had this problem too. The new mpss versions (post Yocto) changed the locations of everything. The torque configure script still uses the old file locations. You need to find the --with-mic-path option in the configure script and change the default MICLIBS and MICCFLAGS variables to:

MICLIBS="-L/usr/lib64"; MICCFLAGS="-I/usr/include/intel-coi"

That should get it past configuration.


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