Runing MPI program got wrong, it just stopped

Runing MPI program got wrong, it just stopped


I'm trying to run MPI program on MIC and host at the same time, but it get stuck and nothing reported. So I use ctrl+c to stop it.

I followed the below article:


The command I use is as follows:

Situation 1: is the CPU part, and this is fine.

$ mpiexec.hydra -host -n 2 ./a.out Hello world: rank 1 of 2 running on Tsinghua3MIC
Hello world: rank 0 of 2 

Situation 2: is the MIC card, and it gets stuck. Nothing appears.

$ mpiexec.hydra  -host -n 2 -wdir /home/pacman ./a.out.mic


I also try to use both.It also  gets stuck. Could anyone help?

$ mpiexec.hydra -host -n 1 ./a.out : -host -n 2 -wdir /home/pacman ./a.out.mic




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Check the docs which come with Intel MPI for omissions in the doc you followed

In particular,



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