NFS problem : I/O error

NFS problem : I/O error

Dear all,

I am now trying to run a weather related program using native mode on Xeon Phi.Since the program needs to read a big input file and write computing

results back to an even bigger output file,so I try to use NFS to mount a directory on the host to the  MIC card. I followed the below steps :

1. Edit /etc/exports,/etc/hosts.allow and /etc/hosts.deny to share a directory with MIC

2.Restart NFS service

After the above 2 steps ,I check the status with command  "showmount -e" and it shows the  configuation in /etc/exports has worked.             

3.Login the MIC card,mount the mouning point to the shared directory on the host, the command is like this:

 mount -o nolock /home/mount/point

Now I can see that every file which are stored in /home/shared/folder are just in the mounting point directory,and I can also rm ,cp or these edit files just like in the local disk.Everything seems OK. However,when I run my native mode program in this mounting directory on MIC,it crashed after runing a while returing an error as bellow:

 orrtl: severe (154): array index out of bounds
Image              PC                Routine            Line        Source
sw_model           000000000099962B  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
sw_model           0000000000997FB4  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
sw_model           0000000000942EA7  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
sw_model           00000000008DF2E5  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown
sw_model           00000000008E2CD1  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown    00002AAE91AFC800  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown     00002AAE911B99B0  Unknown               Unknown  Unknown

It seemed that the runtime error happened when the program writing back to the outputfile in the mounting directory.Because when I set another directory on MIC which is not mounted to host as the output directory, this error didn't show again.

Does anyone have any idea about this?

Best Regards

Peng Zhang




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Hi Peng,

Could you share your sample program? Also, what MPSS version and Intel compiler version are you using?

Thank you. 

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