Cannot set ulimit memlock for users - MPSS 3.2.3

Cannot set ulimit memlock for users - MPSS 3.2.3

Hi all,

I'm not sure if I have made a mistake, but I cannot seem to set the ulimit memlock for users on the MICs.

Firstly, I am running the MPSS release 3.2.3 with the firmware upgrades that come with it, on RHEL 6.3.

If I login to a MIC, I can see the ulimit settings by issuing: ulimit -a

The max locked memory by default is 64.  I can set this, as root, to unlimited by issuing: ulimit -l unlimited.  Then, if I logout the change is lost.

So, I looked for the ulimits.conf file.  I extracted the base file: /usr/share/mpss/boot/initramfs-2.6.38+mpss3.2.3-knightscorner.cpio.gz to a new location using zcat and cpio.  I then noticed two files.  In the base directory there are:



The file limits.conf contains only examples.  However, the 95-memlock.conf file contains:

*   -    memlock   unlimited

I have tried different permutations, but none, as of yet, seem to work.

I created a new file: /var/mpss/common/etc/security/limits.conf that contains:

*   -    memlock   unlimited

but that seems to be ignored.

I did notice the following post regarding a similar problem, but the software architecture of the MICs appears to have changed and this is no longer valid:

I acknowledge that I may have made a trivial mistake :)

Any help and/or examples is much appreciated.



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Hi all,

Fixed.  It was something obvious after all.

The line 'UsePam yes' had not been uncommented in the base directory, so I made a copy in:


Never mind.  Sorry to trouble anyone that bothered looking! :)



Thanks for letting us know.


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