mpss support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

mpss support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

I am planning on upgrading to RHEL 7. Is there a target date for supporting mpss on RHEL 7? 

Otherwise would it be possible to have an early access to mpss for RHEL 7?



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Hi Anwar,

The next release of MPSS (3.3) will support RHEL 7.0 . This should happen very soon, please stay tuned. Thank you.

Greats news! Looking forwards to this. Thanks.


Ok- mpss-3.3 outed. I don't see any support for rhel7 ?


July 14, 2014: Intel® MPSS 3.3 released for Linux and Windows



MPSS 3.3 has support for RHEL 7.0 . You just need to download mpss-3.3-linux.tar and follow the instructions in Section 2.2 of the document readme.txt . Thank you.


Updated my new RHEL 7.0 workstation with mpss 3.3. Everything works fine except when I try to update the flash as explained in step 2.4 of readme.txt:

sudo /usr/bin/micflash -update -device all -smcbootloader

No image path specified - Searching: /usr/share/mpss/flash
mic0: Flash image: /usr/share/mpss/flash/EXT_HP2_C0_0390-02.rom.smc
micflash: mic0: No compatible SMC boot-loader image found




In the readme file it said: "If using C0 stepping,  or 5110P B1 SKUs with a TA of G65758-253 or higher, or if the SMC boot loader version is 1.8, ........"

In your case, since your coprocessor is C0 stepping, you just use this command instead:

sudo /usr/bin/micflash -update -device all

Thank you.

@loc-nguyen, thanks that worked!


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