Knights Landing will not be a coprocessor but a many core processor?

Knights Landing will not be a coprocessor but a many core processor?

I read this from online.

"Intel's Knights Landing would be available as either a PCIe-based add-in board or as a socketed, bootable, x86-compatible processor based on the Silvermont architecture." So Windows Task Manager may display 256 processors/cores. 

Is this in Intel's roadmap or  just a rumor?

256 Core Processor in one Chip for Windows will be very powerful. 

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There's not even a rumor about supporting Windows on MIC rather than host.  Expected Windows support would be analogous to what it is now.  Read the comments, e.g. on HPCwire, about the recent announcements at ISC.  Numbers of cores are quoted as "at least as many as KNC" but not 4 times as many.  If the claims of 3x KNC performance per thread hold up, it will make KNC obsolete.


I think the 3x KNC is for the borderline case of running 1 thread in the core. 1 thread per core on KNC runs at half capacity.

Now, if you really want to twist statistics, compare the relative performance of scaling the respective cores from 1 thread per core to 4 threads per core. At least from 1 thread to 2 threads per core, using relative performance scaling, KNC will throttle KNL. This in no way claims what the ultimate performance of 2 threads per core. It just shows you how to skew statistics to say what you want.

An ill-informed contributing editor was likely looking for a scoop to get attention.

Jim Dempsey

While Intel hasn't disclosed OS plans yet, Knights Landing (KNL) will be binary compatible with Intel Xeon processors, which should enable broad compatibility.

What Intel has said is that KNL will have 60+ cores and 3x single-thread performance compared to Knights Corner (KNC; today's Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor).  This 3x is comparing single thread execution, and should not be confused or multiplied with the projected number of cores.  This is a significant ST performance improvement compared to what you see generationally with Intel Xeon Processors (frequency scaling is usually pretty flat).  KNL will have 4 threads per core just like today's KNC.  

As you also noted, there will be a socketed server processor product and PCIe coprocessor product of Knights Landing.  The server processor version, again like an Intel Xeon processor, will enable breakthrough mem capacity, bandwidth, power efficiency, density, flexibility, and more.

It will be amazing to have 3X performance in single thread. In publishing I have not read the mentation of 3X better performance. The impression is to increase more cores to gain performance. 

Plus AVC-512, Hybrid Memory Cube (HMC), Omni Scale Fabric all in one chip, that is an amazing processor. Except server application, KNL can be a powerful game engine as well.  

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