Mounting home partition of external host via NFS

Mounting home partition of external host via NFS


I hope "light" green belts can ask questions since I am more a user than a system admin. But still I am system admin of my xeon phi running mpss 3.2.2. :) For the moment I am not trying to create a cluster. I am testing if phi can be a solution.

I have a server (server1) with one mic on it and I would like to mount the home partition to the mic via NFS. Mounting the home partition of server 2 to server 1 via NFS works through 10GB intel X520 card.

I looked at the mpss manual and thought that although external bridge are certainly meant for clustering, it could still help me to mount the home partition of server 2 to the mic.

When installed, the mic has default IP on server 1    and when logged into the mic. Should I create an external bridge with address linking eth2 (the 10GB card interface) to the mic? For that I created the ifcfg-eth2 file with DEVICE=eth2 and even copied it to ifcfg-eth0 with DEVICE=eth2 (in case eth0 would be hard coded) and bridge=br0. But this did not work and my feeling is that something much more simpler should work.

Is it right to set the 10GB cards both on server 1 and server 2 in the 172.31.1.x subnetwork?

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Yes, create an external bridge with the IP address for each br0 on each node to be in the same subnet.  They don't have to be the 172.x addresses, but you can use that if you wish.  The important thing is to make sure each of the IP addresses you assign in the micX.conf file and the bridge (br0) all be in the same IP range and subnet.  If each MIC and host can ping each other then your networking should at least be set up correctly.  After that you should be able to mount your NFS shares.

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