How to schedule a job on xeon phi?

How to schedule a job on xeon phi?

Hello, does anybody know of a crontab-like tool to schedule process start/stop for native xeon phi please?


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Cron is not available on the coprocessor which you probably already discovered (hence your post) and I do not recall any related discussions in the past either.

Could you explain in more detail what sort of need you have or problem you are facing?

Maybe a wild idea but if it served your needs, could you drive the native process execution from the host via cron and using /usr/bin/micnativeloadex?

Perhaps with more details it may spark some ideas from others.

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You could install the cronie-1.4.8-r2.k1om.rpm package from the software for coprocessor OS on the MPSS page that is contained in this link.

It has the standard UNIX cron daemon in it.


cronie did the trick, thank you Paul for a good idea. The software set in MPSS is rather handy I must say, e.g. has googletest (which I couldn't compile out of the box without RTTI support).

And as to Kevin's question - I'd like to start some apps natively on phi, micnativeloadex would probably do too (thanks for suggestion!) if not the cronie package.

Glad I could help.  The gnu tools they have compiled are very handy indeed.

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