offload error: buffer set state failed

offload error: buffer set state failed


when i was running my code. i am getting error offload error: buffer set state failed.

what does this error means? When this error can occur? Please let me know if you have any idea on this.


Note: If i see the memory used by the application it is consuming around 5.1GB. I have 8 GB on my MIC.



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I have only seen this offload error appear once in the past and in that case there were other offload errors preceding it.

We need more information about any other run-time warnings/errors the app might have received and more details about what the app is doing in terms of offload (e.g. offload from multiple threads, using signal/wait, the offload directives used, etc.)?

If you can provide more details that may help offer some other insight. If you can provide a small reproducer that would really be most helpful.

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