Intel Phi Stress Utility

Intel Phi Stress Utility

I have systems that need to be stressed, one at a time to ensure heat and amperage limitations are met. Using 4-8 cards in a single system I would like to find a setup that stress the system and PHI cards so I can take measurements/slash/qualify.


That being said, I know you're thinking: Linpack. Which I'm ok with, but to be honest the issue is I'm a hardware guy and I have a decent understanding of Linux but I'm not a DEV. Sorting through MKL,MPSS,MPI,C++,Python,LIN, and on and on trying to get something that seems simple installed has become a nightmare.  Using the individual docs to sort through the requirements and set everything up properly I feel like maybe I'm missing something.


I don't need a multi-system system (again, does that make it a single node or a single cluster?) But I do need multiple Phi cards on one system running in a stress environment. Are there other utilities that might be easier to install? Or instructions somewhere that are a little more clear?

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Hi Joey,

There is a forum question on coprocessor simple stress test: . Hope this help. Thank you.

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