OpenMP teams synchronization

OpenMP teams synchronization

Hi. I have a question about synchronization OpenMP thread teams. I would like to write code where only one threads team do caltulation at the time, eg:
time 0 -> team 0
time 1 -> team 1
time 60 -> team 60.

Is it possible? Thanks.

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>>time 60 -> team 60

It looks like you intend to assemble teams by core (60 cores on some Xeon Phi models).

At the top of this forum page you will see Development > Tools > Resources. Click on Resources, then enter search for "Chronicles". You will find hit for Chronicles of Phi (5-part series). It lays out a strategy to perform this type of programming.

Jim Dempsey


Again, thanks for your excellent chronicles.


Thanks Mr. Dembsey. I will readt it. :)

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