MPSS 3.8.4 modules for CentOS 7.5

MPSS 3.8.4 modules for CentOS 7.5

Hi all,

I've created an RPM and SRPM of the mpss 3.8.4 mpss-modules file to allow you to use your KNC Xeon Phi's on CentOS 7.5. The resulting files can be found here:

or simply install the RPM using

rpm -Uvh

This works fine on my CentOS 7.5 box, but of course, use at your own risk and rattle your local Intel rep for an official update.

share and enjoy,


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I jave installed centos 7.5 and mpss 3.8.4 and applied your rpm but it couldn't use the card and i have some error like this "Region 0: Memory at (64-bit, prefetchable)[disabled]".

Are doing some patchs to the kernel before?





I'm only seeingthis post now, sorry about that...

The error you are seeing seems related to the infamous "Above 4 GB encoding" setting in your BIOS -f if the kernel does cannot find the memory space for the MIC card it will never boot, no matter what version of the OS. Or did it work with CentOS 7.4 , and did it stop working with 7.5 ?


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