Job not running

Job not running

Hello,I am having a problem running a job.I get an 'o' file, which provides details such as user, ncpus, etc. But I do not get any results from my program.My program sorts a file and writes the results to another text file. Any idea why it is not running?

Below is the "qstat -Q" result.

Job id Name User Time Use S Queue---------------- ---------------- ---------------- -------- - ------33118.acaad01 /home/fitzSort finem1 00:00:00 F workq
Thanks for your help

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Suggest you run $ tracejob .

As far as I can tellyou aretrying to run a jobname: /home/fitzSort (which of course is invalid)

Thanks.I changed the name, but I still did not get any results.Below is the file I am using:#!/bin/sh#PBS -l select=1:ncpus=8 -N fitzSortenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH=${LD_LIBRARY_PATH}:${CNC_INSTALL_DIR}/lib/intel64\/home/finem1/sort/pSort/DNA_SORT

Please let me know if there is any error.Thanks

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The script looks fine - I suspect that the batch job failure has something to do with the environment/library path.

Can you run this program (locally on acano01), with the sameenv that you've set up on this batch script, i.e. where is CNC_INSTALL_DIR defined?

Thanks. The slash at the end of the path was not needed.

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