Error Contacting the Security GateWay

Error Contacting the Security GateWay

I have a problem to make the VPN connection using the VPN Clinet Cisco application. sometimes it get stuck at "Contacting the Security GateWay" Step and gives the remote peer is no longer responding , or "Securing communications channel" and gives Failed to enable virtual adapter.Please we need help about this.Thanks In AdvanceIM_Parallel.

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Try to use ethernet cable instead of wireless . and try again

I can't connect to the MTL for a couple of hours now. It doesn't get past "Contacting the Security GateWay". I have tried from 2 different machines in 2 different locations and the problem is the same.
Is there a problem with the MTL?

There doesn't appear to be a problem with the MTL at this time - please retry and If you're not sucessfull please send your client IP address to and we'll add it to our firewall for direct connection.

I have the same problem with VPN connection to

error message Secure VPN Connection terminated locally by the CLient Reason 412: The remote peer is no longer responding. Both with WIFI and ETH connection. Both on Win and Linux.

Yesterday only one of ten tries were success.

Please, add my ip for direct connection too.

After several attempts I managed to connect. I will send my IP address if I have any more problems. Thanks.

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