Can't ssh to mtl

Can't ssh to mtl

I have completed failed to ssh to mtl. Tried connecting directly using the ip, my username on the mtl is cdrnel....please help with this. I am connecting with a linux machine, directly(no vpn)....


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You need to provide your static IP address and MTL username to

Well, give the VPN client a try, which linux distribution are you using? anyway you can do the following:

  1. Download Cisco VPN client and get it installed via the software center
  2. Try to connect to VPN through your default VPN client, if it didn't work (as it did with me), install "KVPNC"
  3. Provide it with your host name, group name and password, choose cisco client and give this connection a name, and I don't remember the following part correctly but I think you'll provide it with your username of MTL too. and you are finish.
  4. Your new connection will appear as you named it, select it and click connect (VPN configuration ends here)
  5. Install putty, open it and provide it with the machine ip: i.e<> , port :22
  6. It will prompt a terminal saying login as: , password: and you'll be there.

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