VPN disconnects too often

VPN disconnects too often

Hi, MTL admins!Several of Acceler8 Russian participants are reporting that their VPN connect to MTL disconnects very often.How can I help them?Is there any special VPN settings?Do you know about this problem?Some of these users are zhekka3and pawnbot, you can contact them.Thanks a lot in advance!

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Access to the MTL using VPN, can be problematic (based on location), and so we offer direct access to the MTL on a case-by-case basis. Please have these folks send their static IP addresses to intel_mtl@intel.com

Please run: http://whatismyipaddress.com and report the IP address that it returns.

I have the same problem and unfortunately I don't have a static IP Address . can I use something like http://www.no-ip.com ? . it gives a free subdomain which points to my dynamic ip address

Unfortunately, the MTL system is set up to onlyuse IP addresses, and as such subdomains won't work.
We could try and useyour dynamic IP address, and see how stable it is.

hi, you can obtain public ip with your ISP provider, otherwise your server does not will be available


Intels' VPN doesn't support dead-peer-detecion. You might want to turn it off.

Under vpnc the configuation should look like this (/etc/vpnc/default.conf):
IPSec gateway
IPSec secret ...
DPD idle timeout (our side) 0

The DPD turn dead-peer-detection off and should help with disconnects.

thanks for sharing as that fixed my connection problems as well.

thanks!!! this was util for my job!


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