Can't apply for MTL

Can't apply for MTL

I'm loggin in as a member of Academic community. when i select "request access for MTL", "you do not have permissions" message appears. Why it is so?

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Thanks for posting, svensen!

As you know, any member of the Intel Academic Community can request access to the Intel Manycore Testing Lab, and we will absolutely make sure that you can get access too!

Try this sequence of URLs and report back here if you are successful or not.

1) Start here, at the Intel Academic Community landing page:

2) Make sure you can see that you are logged in: your account name should appear to the right but still in the IAC banner which is a picture of the gentleman writing on the white board (you can also see if you are in the Black Belt Program, and, your accumulated number of points towards your black belt).

3) If you are logged in, make sure you have used the account/email address that you registered with when you joined the IAC. (The email address you are logged in with now must also be the one you registered with.)

4) If you are logged in with the account you registered with, click on "Acess the Lab" on the same banner photo.

5) That should take you to the MTL landing page:

6) Click on "Request Access to the Manycore Testing Lab" link located on the banner, right side.

You should then be able to fill out the request form.

If you are still not able to fill out a request form, it is MOST LIKELY that you joined ISN with one email address, and joined ISE with another one, and, this confused our software. The site is currently active, and has not had any issues this week, so, it is most likely NOT a problem with our URL, although if you are still having trouble we would love to know about it.

I hope this helps! Please report back here with what you see.


jdg, the Intel Manycore Testing Lab project manager

Thank you, Jeff Gallagher. i follow all steps and my e-mail is the same but i still cannot access the manycore testing lab.

The MTL administration team has sent you an email describing how you personally can apply by email, which will solve your problem.

But will you please reply to this thread and tell me which steps in my outline above work ok for you, and which step fails? And what you see? Do you see an error message? Is your university blocking your internet access?


I have the same problem.



If you are trying to get access for classroom use, reply to this thread and let us know that as well.



Hello, I can't apply for the MTL either. I am refused access at step 6.Any suggestions on how I might connect to it?Thank you,Andreea

You must be logged in to ISN and be a member of the Intel Academic communitybefore you can proceed to request access to the MTL.

I am logged in. I have an ISN account. When I am on the Intel Academic page I appear as logged in. How do I check if I am a member or not? How do I become a member of the Academic community if I'm not?
Thanks!AndreeaP.S: I registered for the Acceler8 contest - that's why I need access to the MTL....

This is NOT the correct place to request access to the MTL for the Acceler8 contest - please check the Acceler8 contest home page for details.

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